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October 30th 23 PM occurred in Chendai Yichang, the fire burned for 17 hours before being extinguished. The morning of November 3rd, seized 12 Chengdai hidden safety problems of the "three in one" enterprise of Jinjiang relevant departments joint action. in the morning of the 9, Jinjiang city "three in one" finishing leading group of unified action, mobilize the Jinjiang fire, safety supervision, industry and commerce, public security, power companies and other members of the unit of more than 50 people divided into two teams, the distribution in Chendai Andou stream, Guilin, 8 villages 12 "three in one" building a unified seal, including 6 serious fires but refused to production management rectification responsible person was summoned to the local public security organs. : November 3rd morning 9 am, in an Shang Village to a processing plant will be seized and the land Cheap air jordans for sale lord Zhang summoned to the public security organs after the inspection group Chen Tai, a line went to the cross Sakamoto village famous special shoe company. The company received the Jinjiang city "three in one" management office and Chendai town government but refused to rectification rectification notice. the company is located in the town of Chen Tai Heng ban village three storey building, as the workshop use one or two floor, third floor as staff quarters, standing at the door can see the shop stocked with a large number of items such as vamp and sole. enter the shop door only half a meter wide, a heavy equipment across the door, the gap between the device and the wall of the room only one entry. In case of fire, the workers how to escape? more shocking is that fire is put in front of three shrines hung on the walls of the central production workshop, the incense burner also stuc cheap jordans online k in a lot of incense, in this shrine under the accumulation of a lot of shoes sole tied, in case of fire Fokan, this a lot depends on the sole shoes so close is very likely to suffer. on the two floor of the factory workshop on the wall while hanging four fire extinguishers, but some workers said that without training, do not use. &n) When 2010 as "the first year of development" and leave a thick and heavy in colours in electronic commerce development history China, most people do not know, the main force is the footwear commodity e-commerce market share contribution, and the brand footwear enterprises is also a great tribute to. According to the China e-commerce research center, 2010 China online retail market transactions amounted to 513 billion 100 million yuan, more than doubled in 2009. In iResearch "product category" most often buy online shopping user survey, goods and clothing fo cheap foamposites otwear and bags products listed first, occupies a total of more than 1/3 online shopping market share. recently seen from the internal research report of an investment agency on 2010 Online Shopping users more than 80 million footwear footwear e-commerce scale, output value of more than 20 billion yuan. In this about 20000000000 Yuan in the market, the vast majority share was divided brand footwear enterprises, such as BELLE, Adidas, Pepsi, Hi-Tec, Nike, Lining, KAPPA, Puma, PEAK, AOKANG, etc.. "I want to say a word to the traditional enterprise boss, e-commerce development is very rapid, online retail will accounted for an important part of enterprise operation mode, we should not discuss traditional enterprises should do e-commerce now, online retail, but should discuss the problem of what to do." BELLE e-commerce director Hu Chenrong's words, like to footwear enterprises sounded assembly. How to meet th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e tide of e-commerce era of baptism, has become a realistic problem in front of Chinese footwear enterprises. The shoe enterprises e-commerce development into the fast lane in the more developed market economy countries, online trading has shown strong development trend of footwear products. According to statistics, the United States footwear online sales accounted for the entire footwear sales in 17%, and our neighbors in Japan and South Korea Electronic Commerce proportion is as high as 30%. In the United States, ZAPPOS network shoe store founded by Chinese entrepreneur Xie Jiahua in 1999, for footwear products through e-commerce sales in 2010, generating $1 billion in sales. China footwear enterprises are also not far behind, spare no effort to catch up on the basis of successful experience, foreign enterprises, speed up e-commerce journey. Just two years time, BELLE shoes online 2010 sales excee cheap jordans for sale mens ded 200 million yuan; the library name shoes to enter the field of electronic commerce in 2009, 2010 sales reached 300 million yuan scale; Lining 2010 online sales of nearly 200 million yuan. Good music to buy, Le Amoy enterprises such as footwear sales also reached billion yuan scale. Behind the library name shoes, good music to buy, the music Amoy network brand integrated shopping mall, we can also see a shadow of learning ZAPPOS network. according to iResearch statistics, 2010)model: Jordan 17Airlaunch date: 2002 price: $200 $Designer: SmithWilsonclassic color: Blue White/Varsity, Red White/College, White/Lightning-Blackfor the first time: 2008 2001 years in September 11th the United States terrorist attacks, has become the Washington Wizards affairs manager of the Jordan Michael, decided to return and will be the 2002 to 2001 of all income to donate to the rescue work. Wear 23 wizards Team Jersey Jordan Cheap air jordan 12 ovo Michael, has always been on the latest shoe Jordan Air 17 battle. Design and 16 generation also by Wilson Smith presided and source of inspiration in sports Aston Martin, made of high quality leather streamline shoe body with carbon fiber in the bottom, printed with designs of notes detachable shoe cover design can improve the stability of the shoe body. At the same time, the design inspiration also from jazz, bold use of metal suitcase for shoe, shoes like the Saxophone lying inside. The box is attached with a CD, which is the Jordan Air 17 design concept and Jordan Michael like the Jazz music. Materials and packaging so luxurious, the price also increased to $$200, so Air Jordan supporters lament too much. It is important to note is that rumors air jordan 17 will be in 2016 to launch a separate remake (2008 engraved 6 and 17 generations countdown package), shoe fans to pay attention. Jordan Michael is wearin Retro jordans for sale g a Jordan17 Air to win a total score of 30000th points. fans hold high the slogan to congratulate Jordan Michael. Jordan Air 17 White/Lightning "Black/Chrome Low" color matching. Jordan Air 17 equipped with metal suitcases and cd. detachable shoes are printed on the note patterns, showing the design inspiration from jazz. Jordan Countdown Package 6/17 Air. this season LaVi〉 Zacharyfive Cape Epic legendary Swiss Mountain champion Christopher · Sauser (Christoph Sauser) and old partner Kuhavi London Olympic gold medalist (Jaroslav Kulhavy) Investec-Songo-Specialized team to battle for South Africa 2017 mountain bike Duorisai Cape Epic, wins the championship sixth times. South Africa Mountain Marathon Cape Epic is one of the few mountain bike Duorisai, called mountain bike tour. Specialized epic is the most used model in the Cape Epic event, and the design goal is to be competent for the Cape Ep cheap jordans for sale ic terrain. As a Specialized sponsored driver, Christopher · Sauser (Christoph Sauser) no doubt choose S-Works Epic FSR off. two people use the same custom painting, zebra stripes represent African characteristics of culture. at the head of the tube is Sauser, a charity in South Africa, with the names of the children being subsidized. In recent years, lightning has often used flash paint on limited paint. library, Harvey's chariot configuration is basically the same as Sauser, S-works epic FSR frame group, the new Rockshox Sid replaced the previous two years RS-1 inverted fork, after the guts for the FOX custom version. The difference is that the library uses a Quarq XX1 power crank, while the uses the Rotor inpower power crank. two people are using Magura MT8 hydraulic disc brake light weight, which makes more than 100g. Sauser chose the sky blue set for his personal preference. Retro jordans for sale Although the configuration is roughly the same, but the setting, two people could be quite different, the use of 90mm syntace to Southall, power seat before the push over; and the Harvey library set has been exaggerated, for the mountain vehicle long handlebar and back end seat phenomen. elliptical disk, both in the highway and mountain circles, is the choice of a few people. Use the elliptical disc Southall has been for many years, but this is the first time with the inpower crank and pedal is Look S-track, the author said the same paragraph! Another change is that, in addition to the center shaft and bowl set, the turning point is also Ceramicspeed ceramic bearings. Roval was originally specialized's wheel 〉 last Sunday, with the launch of Air Max Day 2017, innovative shoes Nike Air Vapor Max also followed the road, but this futuristic design Nike Air Vapor Max what is behind the special thing cheap jordan shoes for men ? Come and have a look. previous Air, Max, air cushion is more inflatable, the better, but the new Vapormax does not operate like this, the whole palm air cushion choice, use less air, but can bring better rebound and performance. So the Vapormax air cushion we see is not inflatable. according to the foot pressure chart, the footstep movement chart, the designer precisely finds needs the inflatable area, provides the better support for the runner. So the sole of Vapormax is designed to be of such special texture that the transformation of air and pressure will make you more resilient at every step. designer Minami wants this visual air cushion unit to pass the concept of " , running, on, air," so the transparent sole unit creates a feeling that you're floating. Flyknit uppers guarantee lightweight wearing experience. after 7 years of long R & D, designers Elder and Minami very excited, this Vapormax finally born, overturned the traditional air cushion shoes, this is a new beginning. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!this is the clover birthday anniversary of.Html" target=" _blank" 〉 60th anniversary, to celebrate this great festival, Adidas launched a variety of heavy products, as shown in the figure, the black / camouflage color of the Adidas ZX 700 is one of them. The pair of sneakers are a collection of Mokasin (mocassin, a flat bottomed soft leather shoes), sailing shoes, and a classic ZX style. It's definitely a big eye opening. boat shoes, you can see the side of the shoe body, the cover is made of black suede, with Adidas logo, while the head is black suede shoes with camouflage patterns, tongue and vice versa. Mokasin, the shoes body side and toe with grey black leather shoes are made of camouflage patterns on the black root. In addition, the shoes are made of white midsole, and blue shoes, root veneers and shoe soles are used as foil. Excellent color difference effect is formed with the black vamp. Finally, please pay attention to its black sole. NBA war xiewang solemn reminder: if you are sailing shoe or moccasin fans, impossible to miss this Adidas ZX 700 - Camo Pack camouflage suit! Source: Battle shoes Wang adidas 60th anniversary, ZX 700, shoes, New, Balance, high tech fabric, MTG580 shoes comments on last article: "Adidas 60th anniversary, ZX 700 shoes" next article: New Balance high-tech fabric, MTG580 shoes Timberland x mastermind JAPAN joint projects scheduled for 2012 on the last day for sale. The skull on the occasion, on Sunday (November 23rd) in early Isetan on sale, as it has enough by the unexpected, another surprise. By the time Timberland is planning with mastermind JAPAN, with the highest since 1971, the trend was friends simply called "Yellow Boots" Timberland 6" Premium waterproof Boots is modeled by the mmJ are a little dark. In addition to join the Zhengzhang love front zipper set, the basic functionality and appearance of Yellow Boots remains intact, so the tongue were pressure chapter two cards, heel Jin Zhang is gorgeous, I saw many non skeleton of this boots is also the heart! Moved $5380 yuan price, I am afraid of late more than two days to go, even the shoes seen well to! , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, CONVERSE, Jack, Purcell, Johnny, FS, Hi - DenimConverse (PRODUCT), RED, Chuck, Taylor, All, Star, shoes comments on last article: CONVERSE Jack Purcell Johnny FS Hi - Denim next article: Converse (PRODUCT), RED Chuck, Taylor, All, Star shoes

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